The Park Site

Hap Magee Ranch Park:

Located midway between the downtowns of Alamo and Danville, Hap Magee Ranch Park offers a set of unique qualities that makes it an especially attractive site for the flagship Bounty Garden.

What special qualities does Hap Magee Ranch Park offer The Bounty Garden?

The site at Hap Magee Ranch Park was chosen because it meets the four most important requirements of The Bounty Garden.  Without satisfying these tenets, The Bounty Garden would not be self-sustainable and not meet the goal of supplying the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano (“Food Bank”) with a long term, consistent supply of fresh vegetables.  The following conditions are beautifully provided by the Hap Magee Ranch Park and are of the highest importance to the success of The Bounty Garden:

  1. A Large Pool of Volunteers: The vitality of The Bounty Garden program depends greatly on its pool of available volunteers and, while it is anticipated that the program will quickly generate a waiting list, the best way to ensure the program’s success is through sustained public exposure.  As families grow, puppies are adopted, and new senior or teen classes are offered, the exposure of the Park to the public expands and, therefore, awareness of the gardening program builds and helps supply the Garden with the gardeners.  As well, the Hap Magee Ranch Park provides a safe, convenient and favorable place to participate in a community service project, which is especially important when a gardener is a senior, handicapped, a young parent with children in tow, or a teen.
  2. Existing Building Space: The eastern-most barn (“Barn”) on the site would provide a focal point for the activities of the Garden.
  3. Climate: The site’s exposure to both sun and shade allows for optimization of vegetable production, as well as a healthy composting program.

What special qualities does The Bounty Garden offer Hap Magee Ranch Park and the Alamo-Danville communities?

The Bounty Garden program would hope to enhance the quality of life in Alamo-Danville by:

  1. encouraging community service and making it easily accessible to everyone from organizations and clubs to individuals and families;
  2. encouraging familiarity with the valuable programs of the Food Bank;
  3. educating residents about the agricultural history of our area through preservation of the barn and display of artifacts.  The Bounty Garden program looks to the vitality and ingenuity of the eras of Hap Magee and his predecessors to inspire us to help ourselves and our community;
  4. supporting the nationwide effort to create more sustainable suburban communities;
  5. encouraging multi-generational relationships between residents;
  6. qualifying the communities of Alamo and Danville for funding grants with historical, environmental and educational organizations;
  7. creating a flagship program that draws educators, town planners, and developers to the self-sustainable community service offered by The Bounty Garden program;
  8. increasing public education and awareness of composting, the seedling program, and water efficiency; and,
  9. creating a beautiful, quiet, low-impact use that provides year-around “eyes on the park” and frees up capital funds to be used on other valuable amenities at the Park.