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To enjoy articles about The Bounty Garden, please click on the publications below.  We apologize if any of the links have expired and you can no longer view the page.  Much press was written as we were going through our approvals process, so they are from 2012 and earlier!  

June 2020:  Alamo Today & Danville Today News  “The Bounty Garden & UC Master Gardeners of Contra Costa County:  Food to Go, Facts to Grow, Friends to Know”

July 2015:  Danville Today News  “The Bounty Garden: Meeting the Needs of  Neighbors”

November 2014:  Danville/San Ramon Valley Times  “Tri-Valley Heroes: Alamo Mom-Daughter Duo Grow and Give”

November 2014:  Pleasanton Weekly.Com  Tri-Valley Hero Awards 2014″

January 2014:  Contra Costa Times  “Hometown Heroes: Alamo Mother and Daughter Crusade for Garden to Fill Food Bank Shelves”

October 2013:  San Ramon Valley Life Magazine 2013-2014 Cover Photo

July 2013:  Danville Today News  “June 1st was a historic day for the Bounty Garden…”

July 2013:  Alamo Today “June 1st was a historic day for the Bounty Garden…”

May 2013:  Contra Costa Times  “Danville Food Bank Nursery to Open June 1”

May 2013:  Alamo Today “The Bounty Garden to Celebrate Grand Opening”

May 2013:  Danville Today News “The Bounty Garden Grand Opening”

April 2013: Danville Patch “‘Bounty Garden’ to Start Donating Organic Food Grown to Local Food Banks”

July 2012:  Danville Patch “The Bounty Garden Begins to Grow”

July 2012:  Danville Today News “Scouts Set Bounty Garden Boxes On Site,” Page 1

April 2012:  Danville Today News “The Bounty Garden Set to Grow at Hap Magee Ranch Park,” Page 1

December 2011:  Town of Danville “Awards Night at the Danville Community Center”

December 2011:  Contra Costa Times “Bounty Garden Gets Green Light”

December 2011:  SanRamonPatch “Triumph Over Tragedy: The Bounty Garden”

October 2011:    Alamo Today “Scouts Begin Building Bounty Garden Beds,” Page 1

August 2011:   Danville Today News “Bounty Garden at Hap Magee Ranch Park,” Page 1

January 2011:   Valley Sentinel “Bounty Garden Gets Green Light,” Page 5

December 2010:    Danville Patch “Danville-Alamo Garden Could Help Feed County’s Hungry”