Our year, like everyone’s around the globe, got off to a rocky start.  Just 12 days prior to opening the 2020 Garden program, shelter-in-place orders were established.  In hopes of opening at some future date, the Bounty Garden Hive set up a schedule which allowed us to individually work at the Garden and plant the beds.  Just this past weekend and with strict protocols in place, Returning Gardeners (ones who had participated in a past program and would thus not require an orientation) joined us in the Garden.

In a normal year, a garden volunteer finds his or her bed covered in double cut red clover, our Winter cover crop.  This year they came to find a fully amended, planted and mulched bed.  And not only was that a surprise for them, but many of the beds are brimming with beautiful squash and ready to be harvested.

While it is an unusual start, we are all so happy to be in the Garden again.  And grateful to be able to so easily produce nutritious vegetables for the food bank network at this difficult time.

We wish you and your families, health and peace during these difficult times.

The Hive