It seems such a short while ago that our eager new 2017 garden volunteers were clipping, drying and stirring in the beautiful crops of red clover that covered their beds.  Those red clover seeds had been planted the previous October by the 2016 volunteers.  And now once again, if you walk past the Garden you will find beds filled with lush, green clover…planted once again by the Bounty Garden volunteers as they completed their program in the Garden.

Red Clover cover crops fill the beds

Once again, one group of volunteers worked to help the next.  Beds of red clover seeds grow to protect the soil over the winter months and replenish the nutrients in the beds to assure healthy crops for the 2018 garden volunteers.  It is so simple and yet so vital.

Here are a few images from the beautiful crops that were grown and donated to the Food Bank’s programs in 2017:

Squash like snowballs

Heavy harvests

Just the right size cucumber

Eggplants for the Blackhawk Bloomers

Bright and Cheerful Squash Blossom

The most beautiful bean trellis ever

Clusters of yellow peppers

An amazing bed full of peppers

Roger at Danville Fourth of July Parade

Rex Ivie among his squash plants

Squiggly Squash

As the New Year unfolds, we hope that you find the seeds you’ve planted in 2017 flourish and provide you with all the nutrients you need for a happy and prosperous new year.

Happy New Year to all,

The Hive