Fall has arrived and along with the changing weather outside comes such beautiful colors, simply illustrated by this tower of tomatoes grown here at the Bounty Garden.


These beauties were nurtured by our Volunteer, tomato “whisperer” Min Kuo, who has been with the Bounty Garden every year since its inception.  Min has a very special sense for how to grow exquisite tomatoes and he leaves us in awe every season. We owe such a large debt of gratitude to Min for showing us how to grow tomatoes through hot, dry or wet summers!



While supporting the many important efforts of the Food Bank, the Garden also provides a place for gardeners of every kind to join in the adventure of growing so many nutritious and delicious types of vegetables.  Some volunteers are completely new to the process of growing their own vegetables, others are reviving methods that their parents or grandparents taught them, and still others may have been tending to their own home gardens for decades.  We all enjoy knowing that we can always be of help to or seek help from a fellow volunteer!


Ken Hazleton, whose bed we followed this season, is seen here cleaning it in preparation for planting his cover crop seeds.  He and his wife, Barbara, grew the most beautiful cucumbers from seed this season…in soil blocks that they made themselves!  It was an inspiring experiment that we’re sure others will want to repeat.


In September, Bounty Garden volunteers and Hive members joined up for an annual trip to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano Counties.

Field Trip Coordinator Janet Howes says, “It is always fun to see where our veggies go and the phenomenal effort this Food Bank puts forward.”


Photo of Bounty Garden volunteers at Food Bank sign


Volunteers Zuzana Foster (l) and Janet Howes (r) were all smiles helping sort and package fresh produce during the visit and building friendships through volunteering.             


While our plants were busy competing for their most beautiful harvests this Fall, the Bounty Garden also entered some friendly competition…Sloats Nursery’s “Most Ugly or Interesting Vegetable Contest.”

Lucky for us, this bunny-shaped tomato popped up in the bed of Volunteers Cyndy Cotton, Janis Blaise and Vicki Glockner just at the right time and jumped right into Junior Volunteer June Day’s hands to take FIRST PRIZE!


And fun, too, that the Garden’s logo is ………….a bunny!


The Bounty Garden sends a big thank you to the local Blackhawk Bloomers!  This enthusiastic group of gardening pals made a wonderful donation to assist the Garden in installing its new Butterfly Garden this year. In the Summer, they joined Founder Heidi Abramson for a tour at the Garden to see first hand the results of the butterflies’ and bees’ hard work!  As upcoming volunteer gardeners in 2017, we look forward to growing vegetables and friendships with this group who loves the pollinators.


The Blackhawk Bloomers visit the Bounty Garden


As we say goodbye to our 2016 gardening friends and look forward to our 5th year in the Bounty Garden, we say BRAVO to a community that prioritizes helping others, and in our case those are the food-insecure in Contra Costa and Solano Counties.

After a wonderful 2016 program, we are putting the vegetable beds in resting and replenishing mode.  Thank you, Volunteers, for tending to your beds, adding nutrients to the soil and seeding with cover crops to add nitrogen and growing power for next year’s volunteers.  We couldn’t do it without you, nor would we have nearly as much fun!


We look forward to seeing you in February!

The Hive