There’s something so special about a cool, quiet Garden morning with a robust harvest season ahead……

Hello Summer!

At The Bounty Garden, our once fragile April seedlings are now vigorous, happy plants heading for harvest.  Below is just one example of the unbelievable growth our beds have had in the past three months…attributable to the loving attention shown by such hands-on, caring volunteers!

The Lofy Family makes growing a family-affair! In April, when they planted their bed…

The Lofy Family at planting

…they chose to plant cherry tomatoes specifically so the children could enjoy the fun of harvesting them…

…and now it’s time to begin!

Lofys' 7/2/16


It is just midway through our growing season, but we have already been rewarded with almost 1,000 pounds of fresh, organic food to donate to the programs of the Contra Costa and Solano County Food Bank.  Some of the earlier-maturing crops this Spring went directly to the Manna Hot Meals program in Concord, one of the Food Bank-supported programs, so that it would enter the food chain as quickly and as freshly as possible. That first delivery has resulted in a relationship with their kitchen which is very rewarding.  Now each week, both The Food Bank and Manna Hot Meals make pick ups at The Garden to ensure that our fresh organically-grown veggies are enjoyed at the peak of their nutritional value.

Stories We Like To Hear

In March, The Bounty Garden delivered arm loads of fresh spinach to The Manna Ministries in Concord. Manna Ministries hosts a soup kitchen every Thursday evening and a food pantry on Saturday mornings in Concord at Concord Christ Community Church of the Nazarene.

Volunteer cook, Sandra Navarro, said, “We were so glad to know ahead of time so we could decide how to use the gorgeous spinach that same day.”

According to Director Janelle Stewart, “We call it Manna Hot Meals because we don’t just serve soup.  We offer a delicious and nutritious well-rounded dinner each Thursday.  Our Hot Meals are prepared by some amazing cooks.  Currently we have three main volunteers that come once or twice a month to cook the meals for us.”


Louise with Spinach

Our Harvest Coordinator, Louise Platt,

with the harvest crates going to Manna Hot Meals


We’ve welcomed many lovely visitors to the Garden this past Spring…

In April, the Athenian School in Danville came by to offer a helping hand in recognition of their annual Tim Holm Day of Service.  Led by their headmaster, Eric Niles, a robust group came to the Garden and gave our Barn a brand new coat of white paint. We are so grateful for their hard work and their bright smiles!

Eric and his team hard at work

Eric Niles and his happy team paint the Barn.


In May, Girl Scout Troop #33752 had a lovely surprise for the Garden!  After collecting recycling in their homes and turning it in at the Walnut Creek recycling center, the Troop presented the Garden with the proceeds.  We were so touched by their gesture and the hard work and thoughtfulness that went into it.  While visiting the Garden on May 11th, the troop dug deep into a compost pile to discover what lives inside.  It was good fun!

Daisy Troop 5:11:16 Girl Scout Troop #33752

Connecting through the Town of Danville Senior Center, we also enjoyed sharing the Garden program with more than 30 Danville area seniors in May.  The group listened to the story of how the Garden began and what we are aspiring to do in 2016.  Following the presentation and tour, Danville historian Beverly Lane continued the day with a walking history tour of Hap Magee Ranch Park.

We continue to strive to learn in our little organic garden…

…and this summer that included an education in how to attract more birds, bees and other beneficial wildlife to pollinate the Garden and thereby increase our harvests.  Thanks to a generous donation from the Blackhawk Bloomers Garden Club, we now have a pollinator garden installed in a central location to the beds!


 Hive member Eric Schneider and volunteer SRVHS Senior Kevin Madsen put a lot of muscle into digging trenches and installing the irrigation lines to the new pollinator garden. 

Pollinators Meanwhile, Hive members Amelia Abramson and Marilynn Gray-Raine put their muscles into digging ample holes for the new pollinator-attracting plants.

With the new garden in place, we look forward to even more bountiful crops for the Food Bank!  

We are enjoying a wonderful growing season in the Garden and invite you to stop by if you are visiting the Park.

We wish you a beautiful summer,

The Hive