With relationships

At The Bounty Garden, we are fortunate to have the National Charity League onboard as volunteer growers. These special mother/daughter relationships continue to help the Garden grow. They work together from the beginning decision about what vegetable to grow, right down to the final harvest.

NCL Bed 19 - by Nancy and Lauren Huen

This Summer, Nancy Huen and her daughter, Lauren, grew a surprising crop of purple tomatoes! Though they were counseled to not harvest or taste these beauties until they ripened, they were a delight to witness.   Nancy shared, “The opportunity to be with my daughter was a gift. I am so happy that she heard The Bounty Garden story and I hope this experience will be an inspiration for her to continue working in her community.”


And purple seemed to be the color this Summer! Volunteer Beth was all smiles as she harvested purple peppers. “I didn’t realize they were going to be purple when I planted them,” she said. “This is so fun.”

With the passing seasons

CC1 Harvest Wksp

This Winter, Hive member Louise Frederrickson and her Grandson Max had a good time with their cool season crop of lettuces in Bed #31. Later in the Spring, their same bed offered up a hearty crop of onions. It is fun to see the seasons pass and the continuing bounty each carefully cared for vegetable bed produces. And in this case, we get to watch Max grow, too!

WC Harvest Wkshp

With a watchful eye

At TBG, we keep a watchful eye on practices that bring the best harvests. Currently, we are experimenting with cover crops to help naturally return nutrients to the soil and encourage high crop yields for The Food Bank.

This Summer you’ll see our first cover crop of Red Cow Peas growing in many of the beds.

Cover Crops at 3 Weeks

The peas have been treated with inoculants which “fix” nitrogen to their roots. In the Fall, when we till in these roots, this nutrient will be returned to the soil and the vegetables’ growth and nutrient value should benefit.

Cover Crop Innoculant

Watch for more information about our adventures in growing cover crops in our Fall update.  Until then, we hope you have a wonderful remainder of your Summer!

The Hive