Early Spring Radishes

Early Spring Radishes

If you take a peek in the Bounty Garden’s vegetable beds at this time of year, you will see that both Spring and Fall vegetables are springing up! The Spring-Cool Season crops like spinach, chard, lettuce, beets, carrots and radishes are maturing rapidly now and these multicolored vegetables will find their way into the Food Bank’s network of pantries and distribution points within two days after leaving The Bounty Garden.

DAGC Volunteer harvesting their first crops!

DAGC Volunteer harvesting her bed’s first crops!

This season, members of the Danville Alamo Gardeners’ Club have joined as volunteers and we are so happy to have their green thumbs working along with us.

Last month, our Composting Workshop featured lecturer Billi Haug from the Contra Costa County Solid Waste Authority who shared her vast experience in composting with current volunteers and members of the public. Full of enthusiasm and information, Billi visits each growing season to educate new and returning volunteers about the different methods of composting and the importance of feeding your soil.

We feel especially grateful to have Billi as a part of our team this year because the Garden is currently exploring alternative methods for meeting the growing nitrogen/green needs of our expanding composting program. Due to California’s current drought conditions, many sources of fresh green clippings have disappeared, and the Hive is evaluating such alternatives as growing cover crops or using alfalfa meal to supplement the greens in our “green-brown” composting system. We look forward to finding ways to both increase the amount of crops we can harvest for the Food Bank while also maintaining the nominal amount of water used in the Garden.

There is always a new and wonderful challenge to meet in all our gardens, and we invite you to come in and share your approaches or ask us about ours.

We hope you are enjoying a beautiful start to Springtime in your garden,

The Hive