As we closed the garden gates on 2014, The Bounty Garden now has two years under its belt and we send our thanks to the wonderful people who have given their time and smiles to make it the happy, bountiful garden that it is.  In 2014, the vegetables grew and so did we. The Garden’s volunteers proudly contributed over 3500 pounds of organic fresh vegetables to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano Counties… including everything from leafy greens to bountiful root vegetables.

CarrotsBesides the lovely greens, something else sprouted up in the Garden, too. We now have a new leaf bin. Thanks to Eagle Scout candidate, Dashiell Miner, corralling leaves for our composting program is now much easier. We send a big thank you out to Dash for his contribution to The Bounty Garden which both helps us in our composting effort as well as in diminishing our need for plastic leaf bags.

In addition, we would like to express our thanks the Athenian High School for their bi-annual workdays in the Garden. An active, enthusiastic group of students comes twice each year to assist us with the “heavy lifting” which includes such projects as distributing mulch on our pathways, digging new trenches to divert water away from the Barn, and wheel barrowing loads of fresh organic soil into our new beds. They are an inspiration and we so appreciate their help.

Athenian Crew Assists the BG

As our rested vegetable beds head into the 2015 planting seasons, we wonder what lessons Mother Nature will teach us this year or, for that matter, what our new volunteers will teach us. Already, our new team in Cool Crop 1 is posing insightful and delightful questions.

The Hive looks forward to a bountiful 2015 and to a new year of working alongside our wonderful volunteers who come together to support the programs of the Contra Costa Food Bank.

Happy New Year,  The Hive