In January, The Bounty Garden opened the garden gates to its first volunteers!  

In February, the second volunteer group began and

By March, each of this year’s programs had waiting lists.  

Why are we all so eager to dig in?

Simply because…

It’s fun to be outside together in the beautiful Park…

It’s fun to learn together (here we are with our composting instructor and our seedling instructor)
Billi Haug photo Seedling Class

AND MOST OF ALL, it’s rewarding!

Scout RadishesIMG_6794We have learned so much in these past three months…

from growing our seedlingsIMG_6797

… to planting our seedlingsIMG_6888

… to seeing our seedlings grow healthy and strong right before our eyesIMG_7346

… to harvesting the crops our seedlings became!

Harvest Pic

So simple, so rewarding.

Just this week, the Food Bank began regularly scheduled pickups at the Garden!

Nine crates of food were harvested on Monday and, due to the Food Bank’s amazing network, these fresh and nutritious vegetables will be on people’s plates by this evening, Tuesday.

~ ~ ~

We wish you a very happy start to Spring!

The Hive