San Ramon Valley and Athenian High School Students Build

Eight Beautiful Beds!

Saturday, November 19th, was sandwiched between two wet and gray Winter days.  But Saturday was a beautiful day, and fifteen hardy and ambitious students from the Athenian and San Ramon Valley High Schools volunteered for The Bounty Garden’s second workday and they were ready to work.  In only two+ short hours, the five teams of students lead by Life Scout Josh Miner, Bounty Garden Co-Founder Amelia Abramson, and our new Eagle Scout candidate, Life Scout Dallin Robins, constructed eight beautifully-crafted vegetable beds.  To view the teams hard at work, please see “Workday #2 – November 19, 2011” in the Photo Gallery.

Construction of the final eight beds for Phase I at The Garden is slated for a third Workday in January. Dallin Robins will lead the day with members of his Scout Troop #228.  Following their completion, all twenty-four beds will be transported to The Garden at Hap Magee Ranch Park where they will soon after be planted with the flagship crop of vegetables and tended by local residents interested in supporting both organic gardening practices and the immensely important programs of the Contra Costa and Solano County Food Bank.

Our thanks go out to Josh, Dallin and the extraordinary students of Athenian and San Ramon Valley High Schools.

Heidi and Amelia