The Bounty Garden Beds Begin to Take Shape

On a beautifully clear-blue Saturday morning two weeks ago, an enthusiastic group of local Scouts began construction of the Bounty Garden’s raised vegetable beds.  It was an exciting day, as our Life Scout Josh Miner and the Bounty Garden had worked closely this past summer to finalize the design of the beds, collect lumber donations and bids, and even construct a full-scale bed to practice how the team building process would best unfold.  On this crisp and sunny morning, three teams of students learned the step-by-step process to follow, and follow it they did!  Skills they mastered included how to use an electric drill, an impact wrench and a template and, in two short hours, six beautiful beds were built and all fingers and toes were accounted for.  When asked how she felt the work had proceeded, Bounty Garden co-founder, Amelia Abramson, replied, “The Scouts were great!  They completely exceeded our expectations by completing the number of beds we’d hoped for in less time than we’d estimated.”  

Now that the bed-building process is designed and Scout-tested, we are at long last ready to reach out into our community for support.  Generous offers from Channel Lumber in Berkeley and Ace Hardware in Alamo will enable us to construct the beds for just $200 apiece, which includes the con-heart redwood lumber and the hardware needed to make the beds not only beautiful, but durable and long-lasting as well.  To learn more about how you can become a part of this next step in the development of The Bounty Garden, please see our new “Support the Garden” page above.  As well, please visit our new “Photo Gallery” and “In the News” pages to see the Scouts hard at work.

Our best wishes to everyone and a BIG thank-you to the Boy Scouts for working together so well and creating such beautiful beds!  We hope you had as much fun as we did,

Heidi and Amelia

The Bounty Garden