Amidst a passionate display of community support, The Bounty Garden was given “High Priority” by the JPOC on December 2nd at Hap Magee Park.  Most importantly, the committee agreed to have the Town begin due diligence on the process to enable The Bounty Garden to move forward expeditiously with the goal having our first harvest this year!

We send our most heartfelt and sincere thanks to each and every one of The Bounty Garden’s supporters.  The overwhelming show of support, heartfelt messages from those who spoke, and the desire to address the issue of hunger within our own community was inspiring. The reality of The Bounty Garden has taken a large step forward due to YOU!

We also want to thank the JPOC members for volunteering their time and the staff for their hard work.  Hap Magee Park is a special place because of all of their efforts.

We wish you all a joyous, happy holiday and thank you again for your involvement and your commitment to the goals of The Bounty Garden.  We are excited to move forward with you in the New Year, as we get clarity on the steps ahead!

Amelia and Heidi,

The Bounty Garden