Our thanks go out to all for the overwhelming response to the survey! In just one week, more than 130 residents weighed in, which helped us tremendously. We would like to share the results with you.

Per the survey, our gardeners anticipate visiting Hap Magee Ranch Park for one hour a week to tend their beds:

*49% weekdays and 51% on weekends
*55% mornings, 22% mid-day and 23% evenings
*54% would always or sometimes ride a bike
*Respondents were 48% 0-19 years, 4% 20-39 years, 32% 40-59 years, and 16% 60-80 years.

The results show that The Bounty Garden will draw people of all ages, who will visit the park at a wide range of times and will often use an alternate mode of transportation. This reinforces our vision of The Bounty Garden having a very low traffic impact on our park.

The next Hap Magee JPOC meeting will be held on December 2nd and a show of public support will be very important at this hearing to move the project forward. More detailed information on how you can become involved will follow…

Until then, thank you so much for your time and input on the survey!
Amelia and Heidi